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From business days for delivery right to your doorstep. No matter which state you currently reside in, you will need to get a birth certificate from the state where you were born. If you are in need of your Virginia birth certificate, we can simplify the application process and get your document to you faster. You may also be required to show your birth certificate in order to prove that you really are who you say you are.

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Even organizations that induct new members or colleges enrolling students require birth certificates in many cases. When you are working against an approaching deadline, getting your Virginia birth certificate quickly is absolutely essential. The recording of vital statistics continued to be an ecclesiastical function throughout the colonial period. With the disestablishment of the Anglican church after the American Revolution and the rise of other religious denominations, the record-keeping process for vital statistics fell more and more to the individual family.

By the mid-nineteenth century, however, medical science began to recognize the advantages of accurate birth and mortality information in controlling and treating communicable diseases. Pressure from local and national health organizations and medical professionals resulted in the passage of vital statistics registration laws.

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Virginia was one of the earliest states to pass such a law. A law requiring the systematic statewide recording of births and deaths was passed by the General Assembly on April 11 Every commissioner of revenue registered births and deaths in his district annually, at the same time personal property subject to taxation was ascertained. The commissioner recorded births and deaths that had occurred prior to 31 December of the preceding year and returned the record to the clerk of court by 1 June. Information was obtained from heads of family, physicians, surgeons, or coroners. The law imposed penalties for failing to furnish or collect the information.

The clerk of court in each locality entered the information supplied by the commissioner into registers and prepared an accompanying alphabetical index.

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A copy of each register was forwarded to the Auditor of Public Accounts. The law went into effect on 1 July , and continued until , when an economy-conscious legislature repealed the recording provisions. There was no statewide recording of births and deaths between and Several metropolitan areas continued to keep records of births and deaths for all or part of the period between and Systematic statewide registration began again in June If a birth isn't registered with the proper authorities within a certain period of time, then a normal certificate may not be filed for that birth.

Instead a special type of birth certificate is placed on file. This type of certificate not only shows the facts of birth for the child but also shows the types of evidence presented to back up the facts of birth.

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Information is occasionally missing from the records. If an infant had not been named at the time of birth or death, the entry would record only the surname or note "Smith, infant. Richmond is one of Virginia's Lost Records Localities.

Consult the Lost Records Localities Database. A Guide to the Richmond Va. All Rights Reserved. Repository The Library of Virginia. Barcode numbers

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