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Half Column 1. Half Column 2. Full Width Column 2. Four Multnomah County Juvenile Court Referees preside over approximately two-thirds of all juvenile cases. The juvenile referees also handle family law restraining order applications and contested hearings on those restraining orders, as well as family law matters for families who are or were a part of the referee's juvenile caseload or whose cases need assignment at a time the referee has open docket time.

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Highly specialized knowledge, an awareness of agency and community programs, and the ability to read and synthesize information quickly is required to develop rulings that balance appropriately the interests of children, parents, and society against a backdrop of significant state and federal law. Typical job duties may include, but are not limited to, the tasks listed below.

16-35126 Matthew Mglej v. Multnomah County

Assigned tasks may be changed to accommodate workload and organizational needs. Prepare for contested court cases. Review reports detailing the planning developed by caseworkers with the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Counselors. Research relevant case law and statutes. Prepare form orders and judgments for scheduled hearings. Conduct contested hearings. Advises participants at hearings of their rights.

Define and determine the issues to be litigated. Hear witness testimony and identify other evidence considered such as reports. Make evidentiary rulings. Make and write findings of fact and conclusions of law; impose disposition. In delinquency cases, determine whether or not the youth committed the law violation. If so, decide the appropriate disposition and necessary treatment, if any.

Consider probation, detention, placement outside the home, commitment to a correctional or non-correctional facility, and treatment options in light of the youth's circumstances. In dependency cases, determine whether or not the child is in imminent risk of serious injury.

If so, whether the family home, foster care, or other community placement is best for the child. Issue opinions, restraining orders, search warrants, arrest warrants, and custody warrants for children at risk.

Consult with the Chief Family Court Judge, other Family Court judges, and other referees on policy matters and operational issues. Meet with representatives of agencies e. OR If not currently approved, must be approved and complete the process to sit as an Oregon Circuit Court Judge pro tempore within 60 calendar days of the date of hire additional days to complete the process may be granted to address circumstances beyond the control of the candidate.

As Oregon Tries To Fix Public Defense, Potential Lawsuit Looms

Click here to view the eligibility requirements. There used to be two attorneys who split the caseload, each working on it part-time. Jones is an attorney with the nonprofit Metropolitan Public Defenders. That leaves little time for the legal work. At the trial level, public defenders in Oregon are contract employees with the state.

No matter how complex the case, or how long a trial lasts, public defense attorneys are paid the same for most felonies and every misdemeanor. A bill working its way through the Legislature would go even further, codifying the change in law.