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What about payment of VAT?

Some countries recognise it. Check in advance with your local registration office to avoid unnecessary costs. With the seller's agreement. To make sure the car is in good condition, it might be wise to negotiate having an external independent check carried out with the seller.

You will usually have to cover the costs. Most companies offering roadworthiness tests can perform this kind of check "Gebrauchtwagentest" , although not all do. Read the contract carefully and only sign contracts you understand.

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Some traders try to exclude legal guarantee rights by claiming that the contract is a business-to-business contract or that the car is sold "without warranties" only in business-to-consumer contracts would such a clause be considered null and void. Make sure that the name of the seller is the same as the name given in the registration document, or that the seller has power of attorney to sell the car in the registered owner's name. If you buy from a trader, make sure that the name of the company is mentioned in the contract and that there is an indication regarding VAT.

Red export plates "Ausfuhrkennzeichen" can be obtained at the local registration offices "Kfz-Zulassungsstellen".

Terms & conditions for car owners

If you are not a German resident, you must name a representative who lives in the municipality in which you apply for the export plates. This representative must be present when you apply. It might be easier to let the seller handle this. You should be aware that yellow short-termplates "Kurzzeitkennzeichen" are not meant for export and might not be accepted in other countries. How many previous owners?

Rego check vs Car history check

The car check results are displayed instantly and can be retrieved at any time. You will also receive your certificate via email in PDF format, including a valuation and mileage verification.

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How do I run a rego check?

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You can search for any DVLA plates with our online super search tool; ploughing through the millions of number plates we have on our online database to ensure that you get the one that suits your car and personality perfectly. DVLA oversee everything to do with number plates, motoring and cars and have many online systems that you can use to find out information about your car. Their online DVLA reg check is the best and easiest! These DVLA registration checks are helpful for checking the history of your car and number plate, and can help when it comes to providing quick, basic facts before selling your vehicle.

You are able to use our DVLA number plate check for checking the availability of your number plate, and the DVLA registration check for quick-fix facts about your motor.