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Guidelines for Inquiries Please complete the Inquiry Form by responding to all the items listed. It is essential that you provide us with your precise reason for wishing to find your relative. Please be sure to sign and date the form. Note that an original signature is required. Please do not send any pictures.

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We require a copy of your birth certificate. Please Note: The prime purpose of the Family Tracing Service is to reunite closely related family members. It is the policy of the Family Tracing Service that searches are generally not conducted under any of the conditions outlined below: The inquiry concerns a friend, i. The subject of the inquiry is a person under 16 years of age. The inquiry is for genealogical purposes. This web site searches for and lists different types of information for United States citizens, including addresses both current and past , phone numbers, birth years, and more.

While the privacy concerns surrounding Zabasearch are controversial, at the end of the day, it really works. Another particularly resourceful search engine specifically for people searching is Switchboard. These days, most people under the age of 30 have some sort of profile on a social network. Don't forget older social media channels liek MySpace , as old, abandoned profiles may still be useful. If you'd like to try searches at a number of social networking sites, the Wikipedia maintains this list of social networking Web sites. Other sites may aid in your search.

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This site lets you search multiple people-search resources in one spot. World Wide Internet Directory - a directory listing people search services worldwide.

How to Find a Relative for Free

The Federal Parent Locator Service is the section of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's web site lists information, systems and agencies available to those looking to locate pariticpants in child support cases. The U. GenWeb project - A volunteer effort that offers advice on how to find basic genealogical data, such as local churches, cemeteries, and court, land and property records.

Each state has its own Web page that lists phone numbers of local archives, genealogical societies and libraries. National Archives - Posts details on its records and how to access them.

Find a missing person: PI tells how to find missing people

I am trying to locate my former high school sweetheart, John Hinto, of Burbank, California. We met at the end of our sophomore year at a local high school and dated for a year-and-a-half. Our parents felt it was not in our best interests to continue seeing each other because of our religious differences: I am Catholic and John is Jewish. Upon graduation in , I married another man and John went on to college.

At our twentieth high school reunion in , I heard that he had married a Catholic girl, divorced, lived in Santa Rosa, and was a police officer. John's dad passed away and his mother remarried and moved to Ohio. After John divorced he also moved to Ohio and became a stockbroker. John had a younger brother named of Tom; his father's name was Ralph.

I remember his mom's name. His father had a deli business and was an investor in mutual funds. John has a cousin, Terry Miles maiden name , who also graduated from our high school. Through the years, I have often thought of John and many times wondered how differently our lives might have turned out had we been left to make our own decisions.

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I would like to talk with him and see how he's doing. As you may have gathered, I am now single. We immediately searched on our in-house computer system for John Hinto. We learned that there were approximately 70 possibilities based on this name. His graduation date of was the primary clue we used to track down Mr. Hinto, who was living in Northern California. Hinto was personally contacted by one of our investigators and was most excited to meet our client. Hinto traveled to Southern California to have dinner with our client on Valentine's Day So far, so good.

Sure, this sounds obvious, but it happens to be the most overlooked source.

Find Ancestors Hiding in the Census

If you know the area where the person was last living, call local directory assistance at area code People often have walked into our offices with their checkbooks out, ready to spend hundreds of dollars to find someone who is listed in the White Pages. Right, that familiar old building on the corner. The library reference section stocks crisscross directories that contain phone numbers and addresses. With on-line services or other published indexes, by using the phone number you can find the address, or vice versa. Many libraries also have an extensive collection of Yellow Pages covering areas in the United States.

These can help you find a private investigator or public records company to continue your search see Chapter Sixteen for guidelines on hiring a private Investigator. You may have information that can indirectly lead you to a publicly recorded event, such as a birth, marriage or death. Or perhaps you know of another legal process that took place that may list valuable information in its filings, including the person's or his or her attorney's address and phone number.

Many public servants work at the county, state and federal level and can provide you with lists of public records at all levels that may help with your search. The most reliable listings are:. Birth certificates are a common starting point in adoption cases. Each state issues licenses for various occupations, professions and trades, such as accountants, architects, cosmetologists, nurses, private investigators, psychologists and tax preparers. If you know the person has or may have a professional license to perform a service, you may find information this way. Workers' Compensation Records.

Contact the Police Immediately

This is not our first choice because it's a tedious effort, but if you're patient and have time to spare, federal records can be accessed using the Freedom of Information Act or by writing directly to specific federal agencies for information. Stories surface all the time , where people had no idea a person named them as beneficiary, and suddenly find out they have money coming to them. There are many reasons for life insurance policies to go unclaimed.

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Just because a person didn't tell you they had a life insurance policy, doesn't mean there is not one, and you should try your best to find it as soon as possible so that any assets in the policy do not get used up in paying premiums. When you lose someone close to you it is often overwhelming and finding documents can be difficult. These tips will help you figure out how to find a lost life insurance policy, or how to find out if you're entitled to a death benefit that you didn't know about. Online searches provide information about insurance policy benefits that have not been paid, dividends and investments which may come into play with whole life policies or universal life policies or annuities, trust funds and other property and assets like bank accounts and more.

Beware of Insurance Scams and Fraud.

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If you decide to use the help of an agency or another person to help you find life insurance for a fee, be sure and check their credentials. If a person says they work for a state department and will help you for a fee, call the state department first to see if the situation is legitimate. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners can help you. In order for someone to put you as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, you do not need to give your consent.