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The Provost, Bailies, and Burgh Treasurer, ex officiis. Messrs John Lamberton, Wm. Four a quoruai.

The whole of the Commissioners. Mr Daniel Richmond, M. D,, Suigeon and Medical OfEcer. The following Lauds or Premises are Assessed on one-fourth of their annual value entered in the Valuation Roll, viz. All Lands or Premises used exclusively as a Odual or Basin of a Canal, or Towing path for the same, or as a Railway constructed under the powers of auy Act of Parliament for Public conveyance, excepting the Stations, Depots, and Buildings, which are Assessable to the same extent as other Lands and Premises within the Police Bouuds.

Ward — All within a line drawn as follows, viz. James street, to a point opposite to the centre of the street called Stoney brae, thence by the centre of Stoney brae till it joins Oakshaw street, thence along the centre of the road leading round the High Charch wall to the Churchhill, thence along the centre of Church- hill to New street, thence along the centre of New street to a point opposite the centre of Shuttle street, thence along the centre of that street to George's place, by the west and south of George's church to a point in George street opposite the north end of War- drop street, thence along the centre of that street to Canal street, thence along the centre of that street to a point opposite to the centre of the road leading to Canal Basin, thence along the centre of that road to the Caual, thence along the centre of the Canal westward to the east boundary of the First Ward, thence northward along the said boundary to the point first described.

Mirren's Burn, and thence along the burn to the point first described. Markets — every Thursday. Faieley Parocliial Soard, Robert Rowand, Inspector of Poor— residence, Greenlaw cottage. James Renfrew, Collector of Rates — house, Auna villa. John Mackenzie, 2 Gilmour street.

Governor of Poorhouss — Wra. Matron of Poorhouse — Mrs M-Gregor. Medical Officer — Dr Hunter. Chaplain— David Campbell — house, 35 Oakshaw Street. Clark Messrs Wm. Coats, jr. Dalziel Wm.

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Craw PatrickCostello J. Barclay,Canal Bank J. Craig, Engr. Messrs J. Barclay, bldr. Paterson John Bonnar J. Craig, yarn merchant R. James Storie — Mr Costello, Convener. Relief Committee. Dalziel, R. Messrs John Young, Wm. Craw, Wm.

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Coats, R. Asylum Committee. Coats, Wm.

The dates stated are all Mondays, but it is to be understood that the visitations take place on any day of the week named. Mr Masson and Baihe Johnston, Con. Bailie Dobie and Mr Wright, Co? Messrs Wilson and Lamberton, Con. Messrs Ronald and Craig, engineer, Coti.

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Clan Buchanan

Messrs Barclay, builder, and Craig, yarn merchant, Con. Messrs Coats and Paterson, Cow. Mr Dalziel and Bailie Speirs, Cora. Messrs Craw and Bonnar, Con. Messrs Wills and Costello, Con. Bailie Dobie 'and Mr Storie, Co7i. Superintendent, John Thomson. Resident Medical OflBcer, Jas. Chaplain, Kev. Napier, Bart. Campbell, Bart. Paisley Infirmary.

Year commeucing 1st April, Dalziel, Presideut. Mr "William Russell, Vice-President. Mr John M'Gown, Treasurer. Kerr H.

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Millar, Jun. Finlator Francis Martin, Secretary. Thonaas A. Dickson, M. Mrs M'Kay, Matron. From 1st April to 1st July. Messrs H. Macfarlane, Convener. From 1st Get.

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Messrs John P. Kerr, Convener John Ronald Ales. Acting Physician, Dr Richmond. Consulting ,, Dr Taylor.