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This is usually one of a few non-invasive techniques, mostly suitable for older vehicles that still use regular old keys and are therefore unable to be hacked from the distance. This is often not an easy task since owners usually try to do their best not to leave their keys in visible places. However, if a criminal somehow gets access to the original key of the targeted vehicle, they can easily enter the vehicle and quickly drive it away.

With the original car key having been stolen, the car anti-theft recognizes the criminal as the user, which, therefore, does not trigger the alarm. Stealing a car with a cloned key is easy and common.

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It usually happens near casinos or car repair shops, where car owners leave their vehicles for a longer period of time along with original car keys. This machine actually enables copying the essential data to be used on another key fob.

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Once the key is cloned, the criminal returns the original keys to where they were stolen from and enters the car using the cloned car key fob to steal the vehicle. Over the recent years, a great number of expensive vehicles have been stolen all over the world with the help of key cloning, usually performed via the OBD II port.

The OBD II port is basically a computer-based diagnostic system available in any car model manufactured after This information is obtained via professional OBD readers any dealership and car repair shop usually uses. This somehow enables access to the most secure vehicle information practically to anyone. Unfortunately, the OBD key cloning process has become a rather easy task and can be performed by professional thieves in just seconds.

The hardest part of the process might be getting into the car without the alarm being activated. This might be done by smashing the side window using the end of the spark plug. This way, the programmed remote control can easily unlock the car and enable the thief to drive it away. The sad truth is the car key coding information is often not encrypted and thus easily accessible via the OBD II port. However, nowadays, many thieves use even more advanced methods, such as jamming technology, to get into the car without causing any physical damage on a vehicle and easily access the OBD port.

Jamming attacks can actually be performed on any car that uses wireless key fobs and work by disrupting communication between the key fob and the receiver inside the car. The jamming process requires a device that operates on the same frequency as the car remote, which can easily disturb the door lock message. Moreover, many cars nowadays do not come with manual key locks, which, in the case of a jamming attack, totally disables the user to safely lock the car.

The process is relatively simple and involves two thieves working together.

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It does not require expensive professional tools, but only two radio-frequency-based gadgets - the relay amplifier and transmitter - that are available for purchase on the black market. One of the thieves first places the amplifier as close as possible to the house to detect the signal from the key fob. If the signal is successfully detected, it is then sent to the transmitter placed next to a vehicle. The transmitter actually works as a key fob and fools the car into recognising alternative signals as the ones coming the original key fob.

This can all be done in less than a minute and as soon as the car is unlocked, it can easily be started and driven away. Traditional car alarms might not or even cannot detect any of the above-described advanced theft methods.

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The reason lies in the fact that the factory alarm automatically disactivates any warnings once the key signal is detected - even the one transmitted via the transmitter during the relay attack process. The CarLock car tracker, on the other hand, detects any unusual car vibrations and will notify the user even if the car engine is started or vehicle has been moved. It also provides advanced trip tracking and enables its users to track the routes the car has taken. It is, therefore, considered highly effective vehicle protection that enables car users to react promptly once notified of any unusual activity being performed on their vehicles.

Highly effective vehicle protection. The initial version of the CarLock car tracker , launched in , was designed in such a way that enabled it to easily connect with the OBD diagnostic port of any car manufactured after The first app update, which was released just a few months after the official product release, also enabled crash detection, SmartLock beta as well as the most requested feature - multi-vehicle monitoring. The latter enabled users to easily monitor and manage all the cars via one CarLock account.

The feature allows users to add multiple cars to their accounts, easily switch between vehicles as well as receive notifications for each of the vehicles. Later on, the car tracker app was also upgraded with the paid back-up SMS as well as the call notification option. This is especially useful if the cellular data connection in a particular area is bad or if the CarLock user wants to avoid high roaming prices while travelling abroad.

First generation of the CarLock car tracker only offered basic security functionality. The next update of the car tracker app brought some great improvements in terms of additional advanced features. The log panel was implemented, enabling the display of a list of past notifications as well as the exact date and time a notification was received. Along with the notification log, the trip history log was added as well.

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This vehicle monitoring feature is able to log any trip that has been taken and provides the details on the distance, date and time of each trip separately. The CarLock team was aware of the fact that extreme weather conditions have a drastic impact on the battery performance. The new feature, thus, enabled detecting low battery level and triggering the alert if the battery voltage falls below the critical level.

It always keeps the CarLock users up-to-date on their vehicle battery and provides a simple chart displaying periodical voltage readings.


This way, the GPS car tracker users can also see whether their car battery is fully charged or failing. CarLock car tracking with trip tracking and driving history. Due to an extremely high rate of car accidents among teenagers, The CarLock car tracker team decided to introduce a functionality that would help parents keep their teenage kids safer on the road. Teenagers are actually more likely to be involved in a car crash than drivers of any other age group. In later development stages, CarLock, car tracker therefore introduced the driving monitoring functionality that provides notifications in the event of reckless driving behavior.

Thanks to this special feature, the CarLock users can be alerted if harsh acceleration, harsh braking or harsh cornering are detected when someone is using their vehicle.

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  7. Besides the possibility to track teenage kids, this is also a useful feature for fleet management as it allows fleet business owners to monitor how their employees are performing behind the wheels of the company vehicles. The driving monitoring functionality also provides the average driving score that is calculated based on the driving behaviour. All the harsh events are accessible in the log and can be displayed simply via the app on the smartphone.

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    The CarLock car tracking system helps parents keeping their teenage drivers safe. However, since the location of the OBD connector varies from one vehicle brand to another, plugging the CarLock car tracker directly into the OBD II port can sometimes be challenging - the device could either be too visible or even obstruct the pedals while driving. For these reasons, the CarLock team added two special types of cables to allow the installation of the CarLock GPS tracker basically in any vehicle.

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    The OBD slim extension cable is a perfect solution if the OBD connector is overexposed, as it allows moving the CarLock device away from the critical area. This installation option also enables the CarLock users to fit the CarLock device to any older car manufactured before and even motorbikes with a 12V battery.

    CarLock car tracker security features belong to most important and one of the mostly demanded CarLock functionalities. Until recently, vehicle monitoring needed to be disabled manually via the CarLock app before the vehicle was started, which might take quite a bit of time. For this reason, CarLock developed the CarLock Tag, a special hardware extension of the CarLock car tracker system, which was released at the end of It therefore disables car monitoring before the car is started and thus helps avoid false alarms.

    Extensive testing was performed on Android phones as well, but the Android system proved to be fairly unreliable in the CarLock Tag detection process. Prevent unwanted car security notifications with CarLock.

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    Over the recent years, it has become evident that using the CarLock GPS car tracker system in its basic form cannot help in several specific situations. Hard-wiring is a great solution to place the device in a hidden place in almost any vehicle, but this option cannot be applied to tool chests, trailers or any work machinery.

    For this reason, the CarLock team developed a battery-powered product variant, the CarLock Portable device US only , which does not require any installation and is therefore a great alternative to hard-wired options. The Portable device connects to the phone app and alerts its users in the event of any unusual movement detected or in case the object leaves the geofence zone. Besides the GPS tracking option, it also works as a personal tracker and can be used to track kids' whereabouts.

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