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Virginia St, age 66, bur. B, Row 13, Grave 7, d. Baby Sect. Cool Spring, KY, d. Widow, d. B, Row 7, Grave 2, d.

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Iowa, age 55, bur. Glenmore, bronchial, age 80, bur. B, Row 14, Grave 1, d. Fulton, age 75, bur. Columbia, Acute Gastro, age 79, bur. Virginia St. A, Row 11, Grave 4, b. County Home, d.

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B, Grave 3, d. Florida Street, age 67, bur.

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Louis, MO, d. Heeger , Section B-3, Lot 3, bur. A, Row 9, Grave 5, d. Franklin, age 94, bur. Missouri Street, Suicide, age 42, bur. Slaughter, Kentucky, d. Louisiana, age 76, bur. Delaware St, age 67, bur. Mississippi, d. Ind, d. Tennessee, age 23, bur.


Tennessee, age 55, bur. Tennessee St, age 56, bur. Judson, age 38, bur. C, Row 3, Grave 2, d. A, Row 17, Grave 28, d. B, Row 20, Grave 1, b. B, Row 20, Grave 2, d.

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Garvin, age 64, bur. Delem, Dysentery, age , bur. Indiana, Chronic Hephrib, age 60, bur. P31, Grave 17, d. Independence, Mo. Virginia, Pneumonia, age , bur. Illinois, d.

Warrick Co. Harlan, age 78, bur. Logootee, d. Maryland, age 75, bur. Louisiana, Senility, age , bur. C, Row 2, Grave 13, d. New York, Chronic Pericandits, age 35, bur. P31, Row A, Grave 23, d. C, Grave 22, d. Mary's Hospital, Cerebral Hemorrhage, age 47 Hours, bur. Pittsburg, d. Mary's Hospital, Hypertensive Cardiac Failure, age 47, bur.

Lombard, age 2, bur. B5, Row 1, Lot , Grave 3, d. Hospital, Indianapolis, d. O, Row Level 3, Crypt 5, d. Rotherwood, age 87, bur. B7, Row 9, Grave 15, d.

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Maryland, Pneumonia, age 31, bur. Maryland Street, Coronary Thrombosis, age 87, bur. Nevada, asthma, age 40, bur. Cleveland, OH, d. Rockville, KY, d. Mary's Hospital, Pulmonary, age , bur. B 35, Row 1, Lot , Grave 5, d. Ky, d. Delaware, coronary occlusion, age 74, bur. Delaware, Emphysema, age 74, bur. Mary's Hospital, Asphyxia, age , bur.

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Madisonville, Kentucky, carcinoma stomach, age 58, bur. Madison Co. Unknown, d. A, Grave 12, d. Florida, age 43, bur. Blackford Ave, age 69, bur.

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  5. Virginia St, age 64, bur. Illinois St, age 69, bur. B35, Row A1, Grave 12, d.