Finding a web site ip address

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In fact, there are several command line tools you can use to find the IP address of a website. In an earlier article, I showed you how to find IP address in Linux. In this one, I am going to show you some of those commands here. Do note that you might have to install some of these utilities mentioned here. Good news is that they are available in the default repositories of most Linux distributions.

How to find the IP address of a website or server

You can easily install them using the package manager of your distribution. Dig is a DNS lookup utility.

The sole purpose of this command is to perform DNS lookup and display the answers returned by the nameserver of the queried website. A sample output for the dig command looks like this:. Facebook has tons of servers and you may see a different IP address based on your geo-location and time.

Like Dig, nslookup command is also used for querying the DNS records. You might need to install nslookup.

The Answer

On Debian and Ubuntu, the command below will install nslookup:. Like the above two, host is also a DNS lookup utility. But unlike the above two commands, the output of the host command is neat and precise. It just displays the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of a website. Ping command is used to check whether the remote host is up or not.

Find Website IP

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Commands to find IP address of a website in Linux

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How to find the IP address of a website or server - Nexcess

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