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Language is an indispensable tool that can be used to deepen democracy and also contribute to the social, cultural, intellectual, economic and political life of the South African society. The country is multilingual with 11 official languages, each of which is guaranteed equal status. Most South Africans are multilingual and able to speak at least two or more of the official languages.

In terms of the Use of Official Languages Act in , and as part of promoting social cohesion and nation-building, every government department, public entity and enterprise is expected to establish a language unit and adopt a language policy. Source: Official Guide to South Africa. Skip to main content.

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These include the fact that informal workers may be spending some time in the formal sector, getting valuable skills and work experience to boost their chances at formal employment, with the hope that they eventually settle permanently in the formal sector, which would be good news. We found there was a lot of movement between the informal and formal sectors during these years. But there were very few instances of people making successful, lasting transitions from informal to formal sector employment.

More education and support is necessary to bridge this gap.

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Our data were drawn from the National Income Dynamics Survey, which is the first national household panel study in South Africa. It examines the living standards of individuals and households over time. By analysing data from the four waves of the study we were able to make some key findings about churning, and about the informal sector more broadly. These included:.

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The findings also emphasised how precarious the informal sector is. If we are able to find the record, you will be able to order a certificate.

To request a copy of this certificate, you can currently only pay by post using a cheque. Fill in your details on screen, print a copy of this application form and send it to us with your payment.

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Please refer to the full list of Register Office fees for more information. If you are ordering more than one certificate please make out a separate cheque for each request. If one request is unsuccessful we need only return the cheque for that search and issue on the remaining. Essential maintenance - Sunday 10 November Online payments will be unavailable between 8.

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